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For weight loss in Cork, many people try the slimming clubs, or the latest fad diets and they do have success – for a while. Then when the diet ends, it all just piles back on. Sound familiar?

If you’ve tried other weight loss methods and failed, maybe it’s time to use your head. Or should I say, use your mind. Your mind controls thoughts about food, cravings, comforting yourself with food, etc.

It makes sense to convince your mind that you are perfectly happy with smaller portions. You see, if you don’t convince your mind of that, then no diet will ever work.

I believe in making things as easy as we can for ourselves. That’s why my gastric band hypnosis programme is designed to make it easy for you to succeed. Sounds interesting? Click on the button (below) and arrange a free initial consultation today!

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hypnosis cork
I am genuinely amazed. There have been no cravings. I was murder for fizzy drinks and with your help I now can't stand them. I've lost 3st 9lbs and I feel great. The great thing was it really wasn't hard at all.
Jenny O'Sullivan
Blackrock, Cork.
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Weight Loss Clinic Cork

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Weight Loss Clinic Cork – There are FIVE sessions to my gastric band hypnosis weight loss programme.

  1. First Week: We turn you off certain “problem” foods so that you associate a horrible taste or smell with them.
  2. Second Week: We investigate why there was a part of you that allowed you to overeat.
  3. Third Week: We decide upon your “surgeon”, your “anaesthetist” and your “nurse” for your gastric band operation
  4. Fourth Week: You have your virtual gastric band operation
  5. Eighth Week: We adjust your band (if necessary).

You’ll receive a 25 minute long self hypnosis recording to listen to in Week One. You will listen to this for the following thirty days approximately. On Week Four, you’ll receive a second, personalised, self hypnosis recording which you will listen to from Week Four to Week Eight

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Weight Loss Surgery Cork

Man people who have a significant obesity problem type the search term “weight loss surgery cork” into Google in order to find out about gastric band surgery. In most cases, that’s because they have tried and failed many times with different diets or slimming clubs. Having a gastric band or gastric sleeve procedure might seem to be a great solution. However, here are some things to think about

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Lose Weight Cork

Come along for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where we’ll discuss how I can successfully help you. Click on the button below to arrange your appointment now!

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