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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter and I have been helping people from all over Munster with weed addiction for the past fifteen years.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach and I am based in Ballincollig in Co. Cork.

Research has shown that there’s a negative impact on memory and concentration from weed. Long term use can harm your mental health and can damage your relationships and career.

Smoking weed from your teens into adulthood can actually mean that you are at greater risk of developing schizophremnia in years to come, so weed addiction is not something to treat lightly.

Many studies have shown that it is very definitely a gateway drug as many weed users graduate to cocaine use in later life.

If you have recognised that you may have a problem (or if you know someone who you think may have a problem), the time to act is now! Do something to stop your addiction in it’s tracks!

It might not be easy to quit but there is an absolute guarantee that quitting now will be much better than some of the more serious consequences down the line if you do nothing.

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Weed Addiction Signs

Here are some of the signs of weed addiction. If you can relate to some (or all) of these, it is time to get help!

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Weed Addiction Ireland

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According to the College Of Psychiatrists in Ireland, over 40,000 people are addicted to weed. Many people who used cannabis in the past would have the opinion that it is not addictive. 

While that may have been true of the hash that was available up to fifteen years ago, it most certainly isn’t true of weed. Weed is essentially different to the version of cannabis that was available prior to fifteen years ago.

The current version that’s available has a much higher concentration of “THC” which is responsible for its much more addictive nature and for causing paranoia.

Take the first step and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION now by clicking on the button below.

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I never thought weed was addictive until I started developing paranoia and weed was the cause and I couldn't stop. With your help and regular meetings, I'm much better now. Thank you!
Shane Ryan
Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
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Weed Addiction Treatment Cork

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Weed addiction treatment is tailored to the individual. There is no set programme that suits everyone simply because everyone has different issue in the background. Normally, there are other issues in a persons life that can make them crave the “escape” of smoking weed.

Our aim is to address all of those. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Come to see me for a free initial consultation
  • There’ll be four to seven sessions (depending on the individual).
  • We’ll agree a maintenance programme where you come to see me a number of times during the first year to make sure you stay clean.
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