Wedding Nerves

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Wedding Nerves – Every time you see a tv programme about weddings or read a magazine article about planning a wedding, they always seem to imply that the day has to be “perfect”. It’s your “big” day or your “special” day.

You can put a lot of pressure on yourself in the lead up to your wedding day and also feel the pressure that others are heaping upon you. Many people survive the ordeal of organising a wedding, being in the spotlight and all of the financial pressures that go with it, but some people find it really stressful and can develop phobia-like symptoms because of it all.

Wedding Nerves And You

So, your wedding day is looming on the horizon and you’re already stressing about paying for it all, finding the right dress, booking the reception, whether you can seat your teetotal aunt at the same table as your cousin who likes a lot to drink and gets a bit loud after it – so many things to worry or stress about. And then, maybe, on top of it all, you still have a stressful job or a screaming child to look after.

Here are the most common things that prospective brides and grooms stress about –

  • Will everyone think the day is organised perfectly?
  • Can I make a speech on my wedding day?
  • Will it cost me a fortune?
  • Am I going to be able to say my wedding vows?
  • Will I be satisfied at the end of it all?

Essentially, many weddings turn into a headlong, frenetic pursuit of perfection – which, by the way, is not what the day is supposed to be all about. It’s supposed to be a celebration of your love for each other.

Wedding Nerves – What You Can Experience

Many brides and grooms experience symptoms of severe stress and anxiety in the lead-up to their wedding. Here are some of the most common symptoms that present themselves when wedding nerves become a problem.

  • Increased irritability
  • Arguing with fiance / fiancee a bit more
  • Anxious feelings in chest or stomach
  • Problems sleeping / getting off to sleep
  • Using even more alcohol than usual to relax
  • Comfort eating
  • Panicking about making speeches
  • Constant worrying about being the centre of attention

How Hypnotherapy Helps You To Be Calm

Depending on your situation and how those wedding nerves are affecting you, I sometimes see both the bride and the groom together for one session or individually for a number of sessions. Each case is completely different and requires an individualised approach.

Hypnotherapy will help you to

  • Get thing back into a proper perspective
  • Anchor feelings of calm control and enjoyment of the occasion and the build-up to it
  • Get rid of any irrational fear or commitment phobia
  • Be “in the moment” at all times
  • Sleep easily
  • Feel much more confident

Arrange A Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation where you come along, either by yourself or with your fiance(e) and we have a chat about what’s been going on, the symptoms of stress or anxiety you’ve been feeling, what triggers it, and most importantly, how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to calm down, feel more confident with less stress and finally start to enjoy the build-up to your big day.

When you are ready to arrange that free initial consultation, just click on the image below for details of how to get in contact right now.

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