Traumatic Memories

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Traumatic Memories – Do you find that certain emotions seem a bit out of control? Do you feel unwarranted anger or anxiety?  Is there a link to something that happened in your childhood? Were there times during childhood when you remember feeling frightened and because of that your sense of security drained away leaving you feeling helpless?

If these events happen in childhood, they can leave you with a lingering sense of danger. Furthermore you may experience a dissociated, numb feeling, like as if you are not fully participating in your own life.

Traumatic Memories From Childhood

Here are some examples of situations that a young child can experience as traumatic.

  • Surgery (especially as a really young child)
  • An unstable home environment (eg. an alcoholic or drug-abusing parent)
  • Separation from a parent through death, serious illness, separation or even working abroad
  • Sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse
  • Bullying of any form, at school, amongst peers, on the internet, etc.

Trauma In Your Adult Life

Trauma can happen at any time during your life. While it can more scary and confusing as a child, even as an adult, you can find certain situations leaving you feeling frightened and helpless. Here are some examples of adult trauma

  • Being in a terrifying car crash
  • Sudden shocking death of someone close
  • Discovering a partner cheating on you
  • Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness
  • Being made redundant or being fired
  • Periods of prolonged stress

Problems In Your Life Today

These past experiences can leave you with emotional problems that you still experience in your daily life today, possibly long after the initial event that caused the problem. Here are some common examples of emotional difficulties caused by traumatic memories and experiences

  • Experiencing irrational fears
  • Suffering from strange compulsions / OCD-like behaviours
  • Avoiding close relationships and feeling a bit disconnected from others
  • Having vivid nightmares or flashbacks
  • Using alcohol or drugs to numb the pain or to feel better

“My childhood was far from being ideal. I had two alcoholic parents and couldn’t remember all that much about my childhood. I was having problems with relationships, being over-clingy, and starting to drink a lot myself. We did eight sessions and they have been the turning point of my life. I really wasn’t expecting the therapy to work this well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been really life-changing.”
Mary, West Cork

Getting Back The Life You Deserve

There is a solution to traumatic memories of childhood or traumatic adult experiences. Hypnotherapy gives you the possibility of revisiting those traumatic experiences and releasing the trapped emotion back there so that you can be free to live a happier life today, generating only emotions that are appropriate in the present.

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION – this is where you come along and meet with me to discuss the full nature of your problem so that I can understand what you experience. I will also explain exactly how hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT can help you to overcome the problem permanently.


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