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Social Anxiety Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “social anxiety” or social anxiety disorder”, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach and I have been helping the people of Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick and Tipperary overcome social anxiety for the past fifteen years.

Anxiety is social situations (otherwise known as social phobia) can have a devastating effect on your quality of life, your career, your love life, and your self esteem. It can cause self worth issues, panic attacks and depression.

I believe that with anything we practice regularly, we are bound to get good at it. The more you practice social anxiety, the better you get at doing it, which, of course, is not what you want. The earlier you can begin to tackle the problem, the better. So if you were to ask me “Paul, when is the right time to start doing therapy”, I would say “NOW!”

Hypnotherapy and CBT can help you to overcome this problem and feel confident enough to enjoy your social life and look forward to social occasions. Interested in finding out more? Click on the button below and arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where I’ll explain in detail how I can successfully help you.

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Social Anxiety Symptoms

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Can Social Anxiety Be Cured?

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The great news is “yes”! Here’s how to succeed:

  • You’ve got to really want this change. Ideally, you need to be not willing to tolerate it any longer.
  • You’ll have to commit – it doesn’t happen overnight so you’ll have to commit to practicing.
  • Get the right help – do a program of hypnotherapy and CBT with an experienced therapist (such as myself).

Remember, what we practice, we become even better at. Maybe it’s time to start practicing calmness and fun in social situations.

If you’re ready to change, click the button below and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION now!

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I can't thank you enough. Social situations seem like fun now. I actually enjoy socialising now. I'm much calmer in myself and I believe I am good enough.
Aidan Malone (name changed)
Dungarvan, Co. Waterford
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Treatment Of Social Anxiety In Cork

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Hypnotherapy and CBT are the gold standard of therapy for any form of anxiety. Here’s what’ll happen when you contact me:

  • We’ll arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where you tell me about the problem and I’ll explain what you can expect during therapy
  • We decide upon how many sessions you’ll need.
  • Sessions are normally one hour and fifteen minutes in length and are normally one per week.
  • You’ll be taught new responses to old triggers so that you’ll feel calmer and more confident.

So, click the button below right now and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

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