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Sexual Abuse Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “sexual abuse”, then you’re on the right page. 

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. Over the past fifteen years, I have helped people from all over Ireland (and especially from Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick and Tipperary) to recover from the psychological effects of sexual abuse. My clients have either been the victims of child sexual abuse or abuse as adults.

Sexual abuse damages our sense of safety and security. The abuser makes us feel like we have little or no control over what’s happening. Sexual assault or rape can leave us feeling vulnerable or unable to trust. I’ve even heard clients say that it made them feel “dirty” in some way.

Nobody deserves those effects. You deserve to feel secure in your life. You deserve to be able to form and maintain good, loving relationships where you can trust. 

Using hypnosis and CBT, I can help you to regain your sense of security and your ability to trust. We’ll work to repair your damaged self esteem so that you can feel good again.

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Sexual Abuse Signs In Children

As adult, we know how to verbalise what has happened to us. We have the emotional maturity to know what sexual abuse is. However, a child doesn’t have those words. They don’t know what “sexual abuse” is, so we, as adults , have to look out for certain signs so that we can best help them and protect them. These are some of the signs to look out for.

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What Is Sexual Abuse?

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Sexual abuse is “unwanted action that has the deliberate intention of forcing you to do something of a sexual nature that you don’t want to do“.

Remember, both males and females can be guilty of sexual abuse. Here are some examples:

  • Kissing or touching that you don’t like or want
  • Attempting to have sex without consent (rape)
  • Not telling you that they have an STI
  • Attempting to have sex with you when you can’t consent (maybe because you are drunk, for instance)

If you have been assaulted you may need therapy to overcome the psychological after effects.

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I was raped repeatedly in my early teens. I was left feeling afraid of intimacy, feeling like I couldn't trust anyone, and feeling guilty for having experienced that. You helped me to accept and believe that it wasn't my fault. Thank you so much!
Chloe Murphy (name changed)
Youghal, Co. Cork.
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Recovery From Abuse

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Abuse leaves psychological after-effects. Typically, victims feel insecure about relationships, they have trust issues and they engage in self criticism.

Therapy is designed to:

  • reduce and hopely remove deeply upsetting emotions
  • Boost self esteem and body image
  • Restore your ability to trust
  • Create a vision of a happy future where you are secure and happy in a good, loving relationship (if that’s what you want)

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