Sex Therapy

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Sex Therapy – Many people have a sex problem at some stage or other and that holds true for heterosexual couples just as well as for same sex partnerships. Some people find they can work through the problem themselves but for many, it can be difficult to talk about the problem and can cause distress, guilt, anger, self-esteem problems and relationship difficulties.

Sexual Problems

Sex therapy through hypnosis can help overcome many problems by accessing the deep-rooted cause of the problem and gently guiding the subconscious mind to overcome the problem. Arousal is an automatic response of the subconscious mind and can be easily upset by stress, performance anxiety and a range of other issues. While many sexual problems are anxiety-based, it is extremely unwise to assume or self-diagnose, and I would always recommend that you see your GP in order to rule out any possible physical cause – remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Typical Female Sexual Problems

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Typical female sexual problems are

  • Loss of desire
  • Orgasm problems or inability to orgasm
  • Pain during sex due to vaginal muscle spasms
  • Inability to have penetrative sex
  • Fear of sex due to a traumatic episode earlier in life

Typical Male Sexual Problems

The most common male sexual problems are

  • Loss of desire
  • Difficulty getting an erection
  • Difficulty keeping an erection
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation

What Happens During Sex Therapy

When you come to see me for the free initial consultation, you can either attend by yourself or with your partner. Depending on the problem, I will normally see each person individually for a number of sex therapy sessions. The number of sex therapy sessions involved vary depending on the nature of the problem and would normally be discussed during the free initial consultation.

“We came to see Paul because our sex life had all but disappeared. Each of us thought it was our fault either because of a loss of desire or an inability to last very long. Paul worked with us individually for some sessions and together in others and the result has been brilliant. We’ve got our sex life back thanks to him.”
Rob & Denise, Glanmire

One of the hardest things to do can be to just make that first contact either by phone or by e-mail. It may help you to know that I regularly deal with some of the problems and issues mentioned above. Because I deal with these issues regularly, I am comfortable talking openly but yet sensitively. I am always aware that you may not be as comfortable speaking about sexual matters and I think you will find that I try my best at all times to make sure you don’t feel awkward or ill at ease. You deserve to have a happy and relaxed sex life and to be able to perform naturally without anxiety. Sex therapy can help you to overcome those inhibitions that lie at the root cause of your current problem.

Free Initial Consultation

Sex therapy through hypnosis is something that you may not be familiar with. This is why I offer a free initial consultation, so that you can meet me to discuss your problem openly and so that I can explain just how effective sex therapy through hypnosis can be for you. The free initial consultation normally lasts an hour and you can arrange your right now by clicking on the image below.

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