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Sex Therapist – If you have a sexual problem and need the help of a sex therapist, it is quite possible that whatever experience led to your current problem could be resolved through hypnotherapy. Many sexual problems are complicated by guilt, shame, low-self-esteem and embarassment. The most difficult step can often be just plucking up the courage to ring me up, however most people find that very quickly they can relax and open up, especially once they realise that I am completely comfortable discussing matters like this and they can trust me.

Sex Therapist In Cork

Sex Therapist In Cork – Problems such as loss of sex drive, dislike of your body shape or size, guilt, childhood programming about sex, previous bad or even traumatic experiences and expectation of failure or a fear that you will not be able to perform can ruin your sex life and cause you months and even years of unnecessary suffering. Everyone deserves their helping of enjoyable sex – it’s your birthright! That’s why more and more people are opening up about their problems and getting the help of a sex therapist.

What Can Sex Therapy Achieve?

With the help of a sex therapist, you can

  • Change old beliefs about your ability to have satisfying sex
  • Overcome any guilt or embarrassment regarding previous incidents
  • If you have suffered a previous sexual trama, we can resolve those old emotions
  • Find ways to love and appreciate your body as it is right now
  • Rehearse successful sexual encounters instead of expecting failure
  • Gently re-programme your automatic bodily responses through hypnosis
  • Rediscover your body’s natural libido

Hypnotherapy and sex therapy through hypnosis can be very effective in overcoming anxiety-based sexual problems. However, some sexual problems may be indications of a more serious medical problem and I always recommend that my clients visit their GP first in order to rule out any hidden medical reason for their problem.

What Kind Of Sexual Problems Can Be Overcome?

Some of the more common problems I regularly deal with in my clinic are

  • Painful sex or vaginismus (female)
  • Inability to orgasm (female)
  • Feeling uncomfortable or anxious at the onset of sexual activity (female)
  • Guilt emanating from having an affair or cheating on partner (female)
  • Loss of interest in having sex (female)
  • Confusion about your own sexual orientation (female)
  • Sexual addiction or desiring multiple partners (female)
  • Premature ejaculation (male)
  • Delayed ejaculation or inability to ejaculate (male)
  • Loss of interest in sex (male)
  • Guilt emanating from having an affair or cheating on partner (male)
  • Confusion over your own sexual orientation (male)
  • Addiction to pornography (male)
  • Secret sexual activity with prostitutes or escorts (male)

“When I came to see you, I was experiencing pain constantly during intercourse. It was as if my muscles down there were constantly spasming and as a result, I never really enjoyed sex. I was initially a bit reluctant to talk openly to a male therapist about my problem but you are so easy to talk to, and so understanding, that it wasn’t a problem at all. It’s now three months since I came to see you and I am thrilled. The spasming is a thing of the past and I am finally enjoying sex. Thank you so much!”
Michelle, Grange

What Do I Do Next?

If you’d like to change your life and overcome your current sexual problem, the next step is to get in contact with me, either by e-mail or by phone and have a discreet and confidential chat about the problem. I think you will find that I am completely non-judgemental, very supportive and very easy to open up to and discuss these matters. I realise that it can be extremely embarassing to talk to another person about some of these problems but I try my best to be as relaxed about the conversation as I can.

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where you come along to my office in Ballincollig and chat with me for approximately one hour about the problem, where it started, what you experience, etc. During this FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, I will also explain what you can expect through the therapy process and all about how hypnosis can be the most effective way to achieve a satisfying sex life. To arrange that FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, please click on the image below