Self Love Journal For Men

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self love for men journal

What Is A Self Love Journal?

Self-love is super important for guys because it sets the stage for their overall well-being and personal growth. You know, society can sometimes put these crazy expectations on men, like hiding emotions or always striving for success.

But practicing self-love allows us guys to accept and appreciate ourselves just as we are. It helps us build a healthy relationship with our thoughts, feelings, and bodies, making us more resilient and emotionally aware.

When we show ourselves love, we can take better care of ourselves, set boundaries, and really reflect on who we are. It boosts our mental health, confidence, and helps us form awesome relationships with others. So let’s break free from stereotypes, embrace self-love, and live our best, happiest lives.

This self love journal for men contains 12 weekly self love practises that will help you to do self love automatically from now on. 

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What Do You Write In A Self Love Journal?

This simple but beautiful journal contains daily practise sheets and also a weekly review sheet as you’ll see here.

This page prompts you to reflect on your week and answer honestly if you succeeded at:

  • Practising your weekly task
  • Getting better at is over the course of the week
  • Finding three things to be grateful about during that week.

Focussing on gratitude was something that was originally popularised by the psychologist Martin Seligman. When you practise gratitude, you’ll find you become happier every day

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Sneak Peek Inside The Journal

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the internal pages from the journal. 

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Meet The Expert Author

Paul J Hunter author

Paul J Hunter is an expert Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. He’s been helping men to overcome their problems for the past fifteen years.

One of the common traits of men who suffer with problems like low self esteem or depression is that they simply do not love themselves. This book evolved from a desire to help men get into a daily practise of self love.

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90 Days Challenge

If you’re serious about feeling better, and you’ve already identified that a lack of self love is your problem, then accept this challenge. Here’s the challenge: