Road Rage

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Road Rage – Do you find yourself constantly being aggressive while driving? Does the behaviour of other drivers trigger feelings of anger, resentment, rage, self-righteousness and criticism within you? Do you feel as if it’s outside of your control? Are you becoming a bit concerned about your behaviour? Has it been pointed out to you by your partner or by a family member or friend that it’s becoming a bit of a problem?

If you are concerned about your driving behaviour and you’d like to overcome your temper while driving, then hypnotherapy could successfully help you. I’ll show you how to remain calm in all those situations that previously used to trigger your road rage.

Road Rage And You

Here are some of the most common behaviour traits of people who have road rage

  • Revving the car at traffic lights in order to drive off faster than the person in the other lane
  • Feeling angry or aggressive when another driver does something unexpected
  • Talking out loud as if you are talking to the other driver
  • Making rude or obscene gestures to other drivers
  • Tailgating other cars aggressively and attempting to intimidate them

Why Does It Happen?

There are various opinions about why road rage happens to you. One theory that seems to be pretty close to the mark suggests that overcrowding can lead to irritability. There are a lot of cars on the road these days, so it’s become less of a pleasure and more of a frustrating chore. Of course, it’s also important to look at other areas of the road rage sufferers life. Perhaps they are violent or aggressive in other areas of their lives or perhaps are under severe stress.

“I was getting really worried that some day I would get into such a rage that I would actually get out of the car and drag the other person out of their car and start hitting them. It was starting to feel that “out of control”. After seeing you, I am now totally calm while driving – I’m like a different person.”
Jim, Wilton

Road Rage Treatment

It’s important to treat the root cause of your road rage problem. With my clients, I always take their whole life into account. In other words, I ask what’s going on in their personal relationshps, what’s going on at work, what financial stresses are they under, what is their self-esteem like, etc, etc. That’s why it’s important to have a free initial consultation where we can discuss the nature of your road rage problem in detail. We’ll talk about what you experience today, where it’s come from, how long it’s been affecting you, etc. From that free initial consultation meeting we can then decide how many sessions are appropriate for you to help you successfully overcome the problem.


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