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Relaxation – Do you know how to relax? What does relaxation mean to you? Are you one of those people who has forgotten how to relax and switch off?

Life in the 21st century is a hectic mix of work, being constantly contactable, instant messaging and facebook. It’s like as if we wake up, stumble out of bed, have a coffee to rev us up to 100mph and we stay there until we fall into bed that night. Our brains never get the chance for some downtime during the day! Does this sound a bit like your life? If so, the following article is just for you……

Relaxation – What Your Brain Needs

Our brains are built to have regular periods of downtime. People who lived in ancient times knew all about this. Thousands of years ago, there were sleep temples where everyone went in the middle of each day to go into trance and calm their bodies and minds. When you put it in perspective, they had nothing like the stress we have today, but yet we now expect to survive with absolutely no downtime.

Many experts agree that regular relaxation by means of hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation or whatever other method is important to ensure optimal performance. Dr. Herbert Benson (Harvard University) documented what he called “the relaxation response” – a list of beneficial effects of relaxation that include changes in brain chemistry, metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure.

Chronic Pain Improves When You Relax

When the body feels pain, there is an emotional response to that pain too. It has been shown that the immune system becomes less efficient due to constant pain. It has also been proven that your perception of pain is changed as a result of hypnotic relaxation techniques.

Conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc., can all be improved by regular hypnotic relaxation sessions.

Relaxation For Peak Performance

Because hypnotic deep relaxation has an effect on the sympathetic nervous system and also the parasympathetic nervous system, you’ll find some of the following benefits may occur

  • Your ability to cope with stress will increase
  • You’ll find yourself “in the moment” more often
  • Your level of anxiety will reduce
  • You’ll be more confident
  • You’ll feel more in control

Effective Solution With Hypnotherapy

Having a once-a-month deep relaxation hypnosis session will do wonders for your life and for your state of mind. The once-a-month session lasts for one and a half hours and is a beautiful gift to yourself. During this hypnosis session, we’ll make your own self-hypnosis recording to take away with you each month so that you can practice your self hypnosis each day and feel the benefits.