Relationship Problems

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Relationship Problems – Do you find that your relationship is no longer making you happy? Have you just drifted apart or are you arguing constantly? Is the current state of the economy impacting on your life (and your relationship)?

Is there extra stress which, because of that, causes either one or both of you to drink more alcohol or take more recreational drugs? Are screaming kids and hectic lives draining you and causing friction? The good news is that hypnotherapy can help.

Relationship Problems And You

Have a look at some of the descriptions below and ask yourself if any of these relate to you…

  • Do you feel hostility or hatred towards your partner?
  • Have you reached the point where you just don’t really care about your partner any more?
  • Are you afraid of your partner at times?
  • Have you suspicions or reasons to distrust your partner?
  • Do you feel constantly lonely or neglected?
  • Do you have guilt or shame over a previous illicit relationship?

If you have answered yes to any of these, then certainly you have a relationship problem that needs immediate attention.

Common Relationship Issues

Here are some of the most common relationship issues that my clients come to see me to resolve

  • Trust issues – suspicions about a partner cheating
  • Sex – loss of interest in sex, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, anorgasmia, etc.
  • Money problems – problems with loans, credit cards, irresponsible spending, etc.
  • Family issues – problems with family members, in-laws, etc.
  • Time – hectic schedules that leave little time for each other
  • Children – children can be extremely demanding and as a result cause a relationship to drift apart
  • Communication Problems – problems communicating effectively with each other
  • Taking Advantage – one partner not pulling their weight with household tasks
  • Jealousy – irrational and obsessive jealousy can push a partner away even more
  • Boredom – one or both partners getting into a rut
  • Fear – one partner living in fear of physical or emotional abuse
  • Alcohol Or Drug Problems – one or both partners abusing alcohol or drugs

Hypnotherapy For Relationships

Hypnotherapy can help couples and also individuals to overcome relationship issues in the following ways

  • Gain new perspectives on your relationship
  • Resolve feelings of hurt or upset
  • Learn relaxation and improved communication techniques
  • Improve your self esteem and also self confidence
  • Reduce fear and anxiety

I sometimes see clients individually or also as a couple if it’s appropriate. I regularly see heterosexual couples, same sex couples and people of any race and sexual orientation. You can avail of a free initial consultation where you come along and meet with me in person.  This is so that I can understand the nature of the problem, how it started, and also what you experience today, etc. Furthermore I’ll explain how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your relationship problems and get back to the happy life you deserve.


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