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Procrastination – Do you have a tendency to put thing off or put thing “on the long finger”? Are you known for procrastinating, being indecisive or never being spontaneous? Do you find you don’t pay bills on time? Don’t do your tax returns on time? Do you leave buying presents till the day before (or the day of) the birthday or anniversary? Are you now finally coming to the realisation that procrastination is limiting your life or getting in the way of your success?

If you are finding that procrastination is a bit of a problem for you, then hypnotherapy can successfully help you. You’ll learn to do it now, be more decisive and take action immediately.

Procrastination – How Does It Start?

There are certain schools of thought that maintain that a very authoritarian parent can cause a child to develop into being a procrastinator. You might either have an over-controlling parent that prevented you from learning how to make decisions for yourself. You could also perhaps have been rebelling against that authority. Perhaps that rings a bell for you – or maybe it doesn’t. Whatever the reason it starts, it is a learned behaviour – it is not genetic! That means that with some training, you can learn a different (and more acceptable) behaviour.

The Effects Of Procrastination

The negative effects of procrastination can be quite severe. Here are just some examples of behaviours reported to me by clients who have had a procrastination problem, and how it affected them.

  • One client of mine procrastinated about renewing her car insurance. Two months after the expiry date on her insurance disc, she was eventually caught at a Garda checkpoint and summonsed. She procrastinated about going to a solicitor. She missed her court appearance and narrowly avoided going to jail
  • Another client, who was self-employed constantly procrastinated about doing his tax returns. He eventually received a tax estimate sent to him be the Revenue Commissioners for a far higher sum than he would have had to pay if he hadn’t procrastinated.

These are some extreme examples admittedly but there are many other simpler and less serious examples that still have a limiting effect on your quality of life.

“I was so bad at putting things off that I got into real trouble with bills. I knew I should sort them out but I could never seem to bring myself to. It got so bad that my relationship broke up over it. I finally decided to do something about it by coming to see you and you have totally turned my life around. Pity I didn’t come to see you sooner – I’m just glad I eventually did.”
Shane, Togher

Three Types Of Procrastinators

Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at De Paul University in Chicago, one of the world’s leading experts on procrastination believes there are three main types of procrastinators

  • Arousal Procrastinators – these are the type that will wait till the last moment just for the hell of it, or the thrill. They enjoy being reckless and get a kick out of leaving it till the last moment.
  • Avoidance Procrastinators – these are people who have a fear of failure, or a fear of success. They are very concerned with what other people think of them.
  • Decisional Procrastinators – these are people who just cannot make a decision. The real motivation behind not making a decision is that they are therefore not responsible for the outcome.

Procrastination Solution

Hypnotherapy offers a solution to procrastination by addressing the underlying reasons for your procrastination. Your subconscious mind holds the key to your procrastination and through the relaxed state of hypnosis, we’ll retrain your subconscious mind to recognise the benefits of decisiveness, taking control of situations and becoming more assertive in your choices.

I offer a free initial consultation where you come along and meet me for approximately one hour and we discuss the origins of your problem, what you experience today, what triggers your procrastination, etc. I’ll also explain how hypnotherapy can successfully help you and what you can expect.