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Mindfulness Cork

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you googled “mindfulness cork”, you in the right place. I am a Mindfulness Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner, and Life Coach.

I believe that mindfulness is a necessary skill for every human being. If you think about modern life, we have more ways than ever to negatively compare ourselves to others. Social media has inadvertently caused many people to develop bad habits of thinking. 

Comparing yourself to others, worrying about the future, not letting go of the past, people pleasing – all of these things lead you further away from happiness. Self criticism and doing negative self talk is a common theme with people that come to see me.

Mindfulness can be the secret key that unlocks a life filled with self appreciation, self kindness and authentic self love which can help you experience true happiness, contentment and peace in every aspect of your life.

I prefer to teach mindfulness in one-to-one sessions because it is easier to focus on the learning without the distraction of other people as you would find in a classroom situation. Arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION right now – click the button below!

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What Mindfulness Is

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So you’re probably asking yourself, what is mindfulness?. Many people mistake mindfulness for meditation which is a different thing. Let me explain the difference.

Meditation involves focusing your mind on a particular thought, object or activity hopefully to the exclusion of all other thoughts in order to reach a state of calm. Mindfulness is not the same.

Mindfulness involves doing every moment of your life in a mindful way – in other words giving every moment your full attention without judgement.

It’s a state of mind where we remove from our awareness comparisons with things that happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future.

It’s where we judge ourselves kindly and communicate with others without judgement.

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Benefits Of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Classes Cork

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I normally recommend one class per week for six weeks.

During these sessions we’ll be going on a journey of self discovery, helping you to understand yourself better, your motivations, core values and learning experiences that have happened in your life.

There will also be regular homework tasks given during the six weeks that you will practise at home and which we will discuss at the following session.

You learn mindfulness by doing mindfulness. Like everything you have ever learned, you’ll feel out of your depth for a while but gradually, you’ll get the hang of it.  By the end of our six weeks, mindfulness will have become much more of an automatic way of thinking.

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