Junk Food Addiction

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Junk Food Addiction – Are you addicted to junk food? Do you find yourself eating constantly even though you aren’t even hungry? Are you drawn to the smell of fast food? Or is it the thought of the taste sensations that really make you crave junk food? Do you have a particularly strong liking for cheese, meat, chocolate or sugar?

All these foods trigger the production of certain brain chemicals that are what we call the “feel-good chemicals”. Because eating junk food causes us to feel good, we tend to eat more and more of it, even though we know it’s not good for us, because at a subconscious level of our mind, it’s associated with pleasure. Hypnotherapy offers the real possibility of a successful end to your your addiction….

Junk Food And You

So what types of food are you be addicted to?

  • Fried chicken
  • Burgers
  • Chips
  • Sugary drinks
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Chocolate & sweets or other confectionary
  • Cakes

These are some of the usual suspects when trying to identify a food addiction. On top of being addictive in nature because of stimulating the production of feel-good chemicals in our brains such as dopamine, they also have another couple of major attractions – in general, they tend to be convenient, cheap, fast to purchase and fast to consume, which tends to suit our rather hectic 21st century lifestyle.

Trying To Cut Out Junk Food

Trying to cut out junk food can be very difficult for some people. Many people try willpower alone, or do it as part of a gym-based programme, or perhaps because of a weight class that they attend every week and it can seem to be ok for while but the old habits creep back in very quickly.

This is because your brain has not forgotten the pleasure it used to get from those foods and at the first opportunity, it will prompt you to go back to those foods again.

“I was so addicted to chips. Every time I passed a chipper, just the smell alone would start me off and I’d just have to have some. I can’t believe how easily you completely turned me off chips – I can’t stand them now! Not only that but you’ve got me loving vegetables which I thought would never happen.”
Sarah, Ballincollig

Effective Treatment With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can offer a successful and permanent solution to the problem. By teaching your mind (in hypnosis) that there are now unpleasant feelings and associations with fast foods and, at the same time, attaching feelings of intense pleasure to healthy, nutritious foods, it can make the whole process so much easier. By also tackling the emotional reasons such as boredom, frustration, low self-esteem, etc., that cause you to seek out that pleasurable “hit” from junk food, there is now a successful end in sight.

To find out how hypnotherapy can help you to successfully overcome your junk food problem, come along for a free initial consultation where we will assess the problem, the emotions that lie at the root cause of it, what the problem foods are and what you experience every time you have a junk food craving. This free initial consultation lasts for about an hour and allows me the opportunity to properly assess your junk food addiction and I’ll also explain exactly how hypnotherapy can successfully work for you, what to expect, etc.


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