Interview Nerves

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Interview Nerves – Do you suffer from excessive interview nerves or fear of interviews? Do you feel it’s preventing you from getting promotion in your current job?

Are you seeking promotion and feel that your fear is limiting you? If you find that you have sweaty palms, heartbeat racing, trembling voice, knots in your stomach, or any other anxiety-related symptom either before or during an interview, you might be interested to know that hypnotherapy can help you. I can help you to overcome those old anxious feelings. You’ll feel much more confident and relaxed instead.

Interview Nerves And You

You may wonder why you feel such nervousness or anxiety. How it starts for each individual can be completely different. Maybe you had an over-critical parent or teacher. They may have made you feel under pressure or anxious in case you say or do the wrong thing. Or perhaps you feel that started much later in life, perhaps as a result of being “caught out” in an interview. Perhaps you had an interviewer that seemed critical of you or nasty in some way. You may not even be fully aware of how it all began for you.

Why You Have Interview Anxiety

Here are some of the main reasons my clients tell me about why they feel so nervous….

  • Dislike being judged, or being the focus of attention
  • Feel really uncomfortable talking about themselves, selling themselves or highlighting good things about themselves
  • Afraid of sounding stupid or inadequate or not good enough
  • Scared of rejection
  • Fear the unknown, or not being in control – (eg. what could be asked by the interviewer)

If you identify with any of these, perhaps you could benefit from having your self-esteem and self-confidence boosted and having those fears eliminated.

“I used to be a nervous wreck going for interviews. It has really held me back in my career. I finally decided to do something about it by coming to see you. I wasn’t really too sure how well it’d work. To say I am over the moon with how well it’s worked for me would be an understatement. I just did an interview for a job I really wanted. I never would have had the confidence to go for it before, and it was amazing – no nervousness at all.”

Eleanor, Bandon

Interview Success And Hypnosis

Hypnosis has a wonderful track record of helping people to overcome fears and phobias permanently. We’ll gently re-programme your subconscious mind to expect success instead of failure. We’ll give you a trigger to produce powerful feelings of calm self-confidence just when you need it right there in the interview itself. Consequently, you can portray the best possible impression of you to your interviewer(s).

If you’d like to find out exactly how hypnosis can successfully help you to overcome those interview nerves, arrange a free initial consultation. We’ll discuss your problem in detail.  We’ll talk about where it began, what you experience, etc. Furthermore, I’ll also explain in detail exactly how hypnosis can successfully help you so that you’ll understand exactly what to expect during each session. So when you are ready to finally overcome those interview nerves……


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