Internet Addiction

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Internet Addiction – Are you starting to notice that your internet use is beginning to adversely affect your daily life,? Is it starting to affect your working life or your relationships with others? Do you find yourself compulsively surfing the net, chatting with online friends on Facebook or Twitter more often than real-life people? You could also be compulsively gambling, browsing auction sites for hours on end, or even viewing online pornography constantly.

There is a very subtle and almost indistinguishable line between “normal” internet use and internet (or online) addiction. If you are concerned about your internet use, or perhaps that of someone you love, this article will help you to understand the problem (and it’s solution) better.

Internet Addiction Signs

What should you be looking out for in yourself (or the person you are concerned about)? Here is a list of the most common internet addiction signs….

  • Cyber-sex Addiction – compulsive, secretive and regular viewing of porn sites (and perhaps masturbating while doing so) ; using adult chatrooms regularly, chatting about fantasies or arranging discreet meets which may have a seriously negative impact if discovered by a real-life partner.
  • Online Relationship Addiction – spending hours on Facebook or Twitter or other Instant Messaging sites (eg. Windows Live Messenger, Skype, etc.) to the point where this starts to take over from spending time with family or friends.
  • Computer Game Addiction – spending hours and hours playing computer games, or becoming addicted to online gaming.
  • Gambling Addiction – becoming addicted to online gambling sites, or becoming obssessive about watching stock prices and trading stocks and shares online (eg. on spread-betting websites).

Internet Addiction Causes

Why does internet addiction happen? It would be very easy to dismiss it as the latest “fad addiction”. However, if you suffer from internet addiction, it is a very real disorder. Addiction is simply a method of self-soothing or self-medication. You can develop an internet addiction in the exact same way as any other addiction forms.

I have listed below just some of the background factors that can contribute to developing an internet addiction. The interesting thing to note is that any of these background factors could equally be listed as background factors in the development of any other addiction too (such as a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, etc.)

  • Anxiety – suffering from a fear or anxiety about something (eg. being bullied, worries about finances, etc.)
  • Depression – feeling low and wanting to escape into a virtual world in the belief it”l help you to feel better
  • Stress – experiencing high levels of stress at work or at home and using the internet to escape
  • Low Self Esteem – not really liking yourself or valuing yourself highly
  • Traumatic Past – perhaps there are unresolved emotions from the past that you can avoid by being online

“I used to spend hours on my laptop surfing the net. I became totally addicted to adult chatrooms and even went so far as to meet someone for sex from there. It was obvious to me that  if this carried on, I would be risking my marriage. I was really hoping your therapy would work and I’m delighted to say it has. It’s been six months now and I haven’t had the slightest urge to go onto some of those sites I used to frequent. I am so grateful.”
Niall, Carrigaline

Effective Addiction Solution With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you discover the root cause of your problem and successfully overcome it. You can use the power of your subconscious mind to reduce the internet “cravings”. Furthermore you can feel less stressed, deal with unresolved emotions and build your self-esteem and confidence.

I offer a free initial consultation so that you can come along and meet me in person. We’ll discuss your problem (in complete confidence, of course). This will allow me to understand the full nature of the problem, how it affects you, what you experience on a normal day, etc. I will also explain in detail how hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your internet addiction.


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