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Hypertension – Do you suffer from hypertension? Has your doctor mentioned that he / she is concerned about your high blood pressure? Have you been recommended to make lifestyle changes? Do you have difficulty making those changes successfully? There is a well-documented link between hypertension and stress. This can be either stress that exists today in your life or due to some unresolved stress from some incident or event from earlier in your life.

Hypnotherapy can successfully help you to make those necessary changes. I can help you by increasing your motivation to change. Also I can help you resolve those stress issues in your life. Finally, I can teach you how to become truly relaxed in your life.

Hypertension And You

High blood pressure is usually present for years. As a result, complications such as stroke, heart attack or kidney failure arise. If you are a pregnant woman, you may develop hypertension (before or during pregnancy). Consequently you may also develop toxemia during pregnancy. Hypnotherapy has a very relaxing effect on the body. It can help directly in lowering blood pressure itself. Also it helps indirectly by helping you to achieve those lifestyle or dietary changes your doctor recommends.

Hypertension Risk Factors

There are a number of risk factors that can contribute to the development of hypertension. Some of them are listed here

  • High intake of salt
  • Excessive intake of alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity
  • Possible genetic factors
  • Aging
  • Inflammation

(This is by no means meant to be a definitive list. If you are in any doubt about your health, always consult your GP first)

Treatment For High Blood Pressure

Your doctor or GP may possibly recommend certain diet or lifestyle changes including exercise or stress reduction. Many people find it difficult to achieve these changes and this is where hypnotherapy can help you to

  • Increase your desire to exercise
  • Reduce your liking for salty foods, or other problem foods
  • Reduce your stress by learning self-hypnosis
  • Resolve any underlying issues in your life that may be causing background stress

I always try (with your permission) to work in consultation with your GP. By working together, we may achieve your desired outcome of lowering your blood pressure faster and more efficiently.


I offer a free initial consultation where we meet to discuss the problem. We’ll discuss how long you have had it, what you experience, and also any other contributory factors. This free initial consultation also gives me the opportunity to explain how hypnotherapy can successfully help you. Furthermore I can also answer your questions regarding hypnosis, hypnotherapy, what you can expect and how many sessions are appropriate for you.


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