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Golf Lessons– You can improve your golf by realising that the mental game of golf is just as important (and probably much more important) than the physical game, so mental golf lessons are something you should consider of you’d like to achieve your full potential. Even though you may practice constantly, do you still find that there is something preventing you from finally achieving the success you desire? In this article, you’ll discover how golf hypnosis and mental golf lessons can help you to improve your golf game.

All About Golf Hypnosis

Golf hypnosis can help you to significantly improve your golf. By using positive visualisation, anchoring, fear release and post-hypnotic suggestion, you can remove all traces of doubt about your ability, begin rehearsing success instead of failure and use the power of your subconscious mind to supercharge your golfing performance. Essentially this is like having a mental golf lesson! These techniques have been used by some of the world’s most famous and successful golfers. Tiger Woods openly credits using powerful visualisation techniques and self-hypnosis for his meteoric success. These techniques are just as available to you as they are to Tiger Woods to improve your golf.

You Golf Problems

I’m not sure what your problems are with your game of golf – perhaps it’s your swing, or your putting, or perhaps you played a tournament where everything went wrong and since then your game has fallen apart. Sometimes there’s just one experience like that which causes you doubt about your ability to hit that drive or sink that important putt. Or perhaps there’s nothing that sticks out in your mind as to why you are playing the way you are playing, but perhaps you just want to improve your golf over it’s current state and yet no amount of golf lessons seem to help.

How Can Hypnosis Help?

Do you think that Tiger Woods stands on the first tee and thinks “Oh God, I hope this shot doesn’t end up in the bunker….”, or “There’s no way I’m going to even get to par on this hole…..”. Of course not! When he stands up on the first tee, he has rehearsed the perfect shot ten, fifteen, maybe twenty times in his mind. He see’s all the faces of the people there, marvelling at the perfection of his shot. He hears that perfect connection between the clubhead and the ball and also the applause and approval of the crowd. As he rehearses, he also feels that shot of adrenaline as he just knows that shot is perfect. He plays this “perfect” movie in his mind over and over and over again. He rehearses so well in his mind that by the time he stands on the tee, it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s going to be a perfect shot. Some people, when they witness Tiger before he steps forward onto the tee box would say that he is “in the zone”, or deep in concentration, but this is too simple an explanation. He is using powerful golf hypnosis techniques to improve his game and you can now learn the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUES to help you to improve your golf game.

“My golf game had really disimproved over the past two years since I came so close to winning a competition. I was on the last hole and treble bogeyed it. Since then, my game has really fallen apart. After three sessions of hypnosis with you, my handicap is steadily improving again and I just won a recent competition. I’m back!
John, Rochestown

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