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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Cork

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “generalised anxiety disorder” or “anxiety disorder”, you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach and I have been helping the people of Cork, Kerry, Waterford, Limerick and Tipperary soothe their anxiety symptoms for the past fifteen years.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (or GAD for short) is defined as persistent anxiety about a number of different things. This basically means that you are not just anxious about one specific thing but a number of things, or maybe even everything.

It can be quite difficult to diagnose as it normally exists side by side with other problems such as OCD, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

The good news is that help is available, for instance, medications, talking therapy (such as hypnotherapy & CBT), and making changes to your lifestyle. I generally find that a combination of all three tends to work the best.

There are probably subconscious causes for your problem, which is why working with a good therapist is vital. If you’re ready to start getting better, click the button below and arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

I’ve listed some of the more common symptoms ofthis anxiety disorder below but that are others. For a proper diagnosis, consult your GP.

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Can An Anxiety Disorder Go Away?

I fully understand that when you feel all of the physical and mental symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, that it can seem as if it’ll never go away. 

From my fifteen years of experience regularly treating people with anxiety, I can promise you that it can get significantly better very quickly. In the vast majority of cases I have dealt with, the irrational anxiety has completely disappeared.

Remember, it’s you that’s generating the anxiety. It’s not people, or events, or your job, or your relationship. You weren’t born anxious, so in the same way as you learned to be anxious, you can now learn to be calm. If you’re ready to begin, click on the button below to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

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I was anxious 24/7. My mind would just never stop spinning. You helped me to take control of what my mind was doing. For the first time in ages I actually feel relaxed.
Rachel Dwyer (name changed)
Ovens, Co. Cork
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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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So how exactly can hypnotherapy and CBT help you to feel calmer and more relaxed in your everyday life?

  • Going into hypnosis involves learning how to relax which is vitally important for someone who has GAD
  • In the state of hypnosis, we can resolve any subconscious issue from your past that causes this problem to exist
  • You will learn new coping techniques so that once an anxious thought enters your mind, you’ll have a different response to it.
  • You’ll create mental movies of a much calmer and more relaxed future

Want to find out more? Click on the button below and arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

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