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Gender Identity Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “gender identity ireland” or “gender identity clinic ireland”, looking for solutions to mental health issues associated with transitioning, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. For the past fifteen years, I have been helping members of the transgender community with issues such as:

  • Hurt and upset caused by discrimination, bullying and rejection
  • Self esteem and body dysmorphia issues
  • Self criticism and self-imposed negativity
  • Depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation

I know, from speaking to many trans people, before during and after transitioning, that it can be very challenging mentally. 

Hypnosis is an amazingly powerful tool that can help you:

  • Get clarity and acceptance about who you are
  • Treat yourself kindly and supportively
  • Feel self-confident and a strong self-belief

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Signs Of Gender Identity Issues

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Gender Identity Disorder / Gender Dysphoria

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Gender dysphoria is simply a term used to describe the difference between the gender you were born as and the gender you feel you really are.

There are so many problems that “straight” people don’t even consider, such as:

  • What am I going to wear today? You may want to wear, for instance, a girls clothes but if you are a boy, you may worry about being bullied, mocked, etc.
  • How am I going to be treated today? In all aspects of society, whether as a school goer or as an adult in the workplace, discrimination, teasing, being laughed at, etc. does happen.
  • Who am I? You may not be certain who you are
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I felt like a freak. Bullying had left me feeling like I didn't fit in. I always felt female even though I was born male. You helped to to fully accept myself and helped me through the transitioning process. You were so caring and understanding.
Simone O'Reilly (name changed)
City Centre, Cork.
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Hypnosis & CBT Therapy In Cork

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Hypnosis and CBT therapy can help you improve your confidence and self love. Here’s what you can expect when you come to see me:

  • We’ll arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where you can tell me about your bad or negative feelings and I can explain how I can help you.
  • You’ll have a 25 minute personlaised self hypnosis recording made for you which you will take away and listen to at home for the following 30 days (at least).
  • In subsequent sessions, we’ll look at your relationship with yourself and how we can help you to make that better.

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