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Financial Abuse Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “financial abuse”, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. I have helped many people during the past fifteen years overcome the psychological after effects of financial abuse.

Do you recognise any of the following:

  • Does your partner / loved one try to coerce you or prevent you from working?
  • Does your partner / loved one try to dictate how you should use your money?
  • Does your partner / loved one try to control how you use savings?

If you nodded your head as you read any of these, then you may be a victim of financial abuse. As a result of being in a relationship like this for any length of time, your self esteem can be damaged. Consequently, you can start doubting yourself and losing your independence.

I can help you to repair your self esteem and to become stronger so that this can’t happen you again.

If you are ready to begin the recovery process, then click on the button below and arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION now.

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Financial Abuse Signs

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What Is Financial Abuse?

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) defines financial abuse as:

“Financial abuse is where someone else has taken control of your money without you knowledge or consent, or they have crossed the boundaries of trust between you”.

Do you have some of these possible after-effects?:

  • have you lost confidence to manage your own affairs?
  • is your opinion of yourself that you’re “stupid”?
  • has your abillity to trust been eroded?
  • are you upset and anxious even after the abuse has ended?

If you’d like my help to recover, click on the button below and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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My husband took total control over my money. Despite our marriage ending, I was left feeling so stupid for having let it happen. You helped me to feel strong and confident again. I can't thank you enough.
Lisa O'Mahoney (name changed)
Ballincollig, co. Cork.
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Treatment In With Hypnosis & CBT In Cork

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Whether your abusive relationship has finally ended and you need help to rebuild your life, or if you are still in the relationship and need help summoning the courage to leave, I can help you.

Using hypnosis and CBT, I can help you to create a better future. You can expect that:

  • We’ll identify your strengths
  • You’ll learn how to spot an abuser and avoid getting into relationships with them.
  • You will feel self esteem and confidence boosted.

If you’re ready to change, click on the button below and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and let’s get started on the new you.

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