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Fear Of Choking Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve googled “fear of choking” and you want to know how to overcome this terrible fear, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. For the past fifteen years, I have been helping people from all over Ireland to finally overcome their fear of choking.

This fear can cause you to:

  • avoid eating certain cereals in case on of the small “bits” would go down the wrong way
  • shy away from crusts like on bread rolls
  • say no to “flaky” food items like pastries
  • develop a fear of going to the dentist because of not being able to swallow properly duing the procedure
  • refuse MRI scans because of having to lie on you back and be unable to sit upright if you did happen to choke
  • avoid going to the doctor in case you’d be prescribed large pills to swallow

In certain severe cases. people can refuse to eat solid food and end up effectively liquidising their food.

If you’re concerned about your fear of choking and you’d like to finally overcome it, click on the button below and arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!

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Common Fear Of Choking Anxiety Signs

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Why Do I Have A Fear Of Choking?

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The most common reason for people having a fear of choking is some traumatic experience with food. So, have you:

  • choked on food when you were younger and got a fright, maybe thinking that you couldn’t breathe so therefore you were going to die?
  • had a traumatic experience in a dentists chair where you were producing too much saliva and the suctioning instrument was imply not doing a good job so therefore you thought you were going to choke to death?
  • had post-nasal drip and then had to lie on your back (eg. in an MRI machine) and were afraid you were going to choke and wouldn’t be able to sit upright?
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I nearly choked to death on a bread roll years ago on holiday. That haunted me for years and I was always afraid of swallowing until I came to see you. Now I don't give eating a second thought.
Michael Freyne (name changed)
Ringaskiddy, Cork.
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Treatment With Hypnosis & CBT In Cork

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Hypnosis is wonderfully quick and easy way to:

  • dissolve the fear from the originating event so that now when you think of it, it doesn’t seem scary.
  • switch off the obsessive thoughts about food and what might happen if it went down the wrong way.
  • install new automatic muscular responses in your throat instead of the old automatic tightening.
  • help you to feel calm and in control at all times

You’ll need to come to see me first for a free initial consultation where we’ll have a chat about the problem and figure out your unique pattern of thinking.

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