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Fear Of Childbirth Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve been googling “fear of childbirth” or “fear of getting pregnant”, you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. For the past fifteen years, I have been helping the women of Cork, Kerry and further afield to overcome their fear of childbirth.

Obviously, because biological males cannot get pregnant, this is a fear that is solely a fear that only women experience, although there have been rare cases in the transgender community.

Of the women that I have helped with this fear, they split into two groups:

  • girls or women who have never given birth before and are terrified by the unknown
  • women who have given birth before and, perhaps, had a really painful experience and are terrified of it being that bad again, or even worse.
The great news is that hypnosis and CBT is a very effective way to overcome fears and phobias. So, whether you are already pregnant and dreading the pain, or you are terrified to get pregnant because of what you imagine it’s going to be like, I can help you.
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Signs You Might Have A Fear Of Childbirth

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Is It Normal To Be Scared Of Childbirth?

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It is totally natural to fear any activity that could cause pain, and, in fairness, it’s pretty unusual to have a completely pain-free birth. In cases where the fear gets out of proportion, there can be other personality traits or anxiety related problems complicating issues, such as

  • if you previously have had a problem with needing to be “in control” of everything (sometimes called a “control freak”)
  • suffering from OCD, or prone to obsessing about certain things
  • pre-existing fears such as fear of pain, fear of blood, fear of doctors, fear of hospitals, fear of needles, etc.


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I avoided sex because I was terrified of getting pregnant. My poor partner thought I didn't fancy him any more. Since coming to see you, I'm now excited about getting pregnant. The fear is gone!
Breda Clohessy (name changed)
Monkstown, Co. Cork.
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Overcome Fear Of Childbirth With Hypnosis In Cork

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As with any fear, when you come to see me, we will focus on a number of aims:

  • we’ll dissolve the fear using tried and tested hypnosis techniques for fear removal.
  • your unconscious mind will be trained to automatically only think good or happy thoughts about childbirth
  • you’ll get a personalised self hypnosis recording (appox. 25 minutes length) to listen to every night at home which will convince your mind that childbirth will be a relatively pleasant experience which you can easily go through

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