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Dating Coach Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve been googling “dating coach ireland” and you want to learn how to be more confident flirting, asking for a number, communicating in an attractive way and finding that long term love interest, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. For the past fifteen years, I’ve been helping people from Cork City and country (and from all over Ireland), to date more successfully.

My clients come from all types of backgrounds. I have coached bricklayers and business owners, sandwich makers and software engineers. 

I have helped:

  • men who want to become more confident flirting with women
  • men whowant to find a great guy to be with
  • women who want to find the right guy after having bad experiences in the past
  • women who want to find a special woman to share their life with
  • transgender (both mtf and ftm) people to flirt and date the person of their dreams.

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, click on the button below and make an enquiry now!

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Signs That You Might Need A Dating Coach

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Dating Coach For Men

Most guys that come to see me have either:

  • had a bad experience which has shaken their confidence
  • never learned the skills of flirting and dating
  • been out of the “game” for such a long time that they have forgotten how to flirt and date

Typically, I find that successfully coaching a guy involves

  • resolving past relationship issues
  • teaching good communication skills
  • boosting confidence

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Dating Coach For Women

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Most of my female clients are:

  • afraid of dating because of bad experiences in the past and scared they’ll make the same mistakes
  • unable to pick “the right person” and always feel like they make bad choices
  • self-conscious about letting a person know that they might be “into” them
  • unsure of what they want

My job is to help you get clarity about what you want, teach you how to communicate effectively and how to be be proactive.

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I am 27 and had never been on a date before coming to see you. I had no confidence and was very awkward around girls. I am so much more confident now and I've got myself a girlfriend thanks to you!
John Delea (name changed)
Carrigaline, Co. Cork.
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Dating Coaching Cork

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When you come to see me, we’ll go through a number of steps:

  • we’ll figure out who you are, what you’re into, what you like and dislike and what you want in a partner
  • you’ll decide who that perfect partner is and how to spot the right person quickly and effectively
  • you will learn unconscious communication skills
  • you will learn how to flirt properly and effectively

Remember, dating is a skill that most people learn by accident. You will have the advantage of working with an expert. 

So if you’re ready to supercharge your dating life, click on the button below to make an enquiry now!

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