Can I Be Hypnotised?

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This is the big question that most people wonder about – can I be hypnotised? You may have thought about hypnosis as a way of tackling some problem or issue, but maybe there’s that doubt if you can be hypnotised!

Can I Be Hypnotised?

Have you ever been in hypnosis before? Most people will answer that question by saying “No”. If you answered “no”, then you are wrong! You’ve most likely been in hypnosis on numerous occasions but you just didn’t know.

Examples Of Everday Hypnosis

Here are some of those occasions where you may have been in hypnosis –

  • Have you ever read a book and been so into the story that you’ve been unaware of what’s going on around you? That’s hypnosis!
  • Have you ever been daydream and then come back to the room and said to a friend or colleague “Sorry, I was away in my own little world”. That’s hypnosis!
  • Have you ever driven from Point A to Point B and your mind has been thinking about other things, so much so that you can’t remember some or all or the journey? That’s hypnosis!

There are so many examples of hypnosis in everyday life. Can you think of other situations in which you may have been in hypnosis? Is it really an exaggeration to say that you have been in hypnosis many times before?

So now, ask yourself the question again – Can I Be Hypnotised? And the answer is – of course you can!

How Can Hypnosis Benefit Me?

Hypnosis is the pathway to the subconscious mind. It is estimated that we only actually make use of about 10% of our mind’s power. What if we could gain access to the other 90%? Wouldn’t that be interesting? That’s what hypnosis can do for you!

You can

  • Overcome unwanted habits and addictions
  • Change unhelpful negative thought patterns
  • Understand the root causes for your automatic behaviours
  • Gain confidence and self-belief
  • Motivate yourself powerfully
  • Achieve effortless change

As Paul McKenna puts it – “Life is so much more exciting when you live it according to your possibilities rather than your limitations”