Binge Drinking

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Binge Drinking – It’s become part of our culture in Ireland to drink to celebrate. We drink to drown the sorrows and drink to socialise. We drink at family get-togethers. You may drink if you’re in college or after the Leaving Cert results. Some people drink to reward themselves after a hard day, etc, etc. Part of the problem is that almost everybody accepts this as “normal”. Most of us don’t actually know what constitutes binge-drinking.

If you’re worried about your drinking, or perhaps about the drinking of someone you care about, you may be interested to know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines binge-drinking as drinking six or more standard drinks at one session.

What Is Binge Drinking?

Six or more “standard” drinks – that what the WHO reckon constitutes binge drinking. But what is a “standard” drink? A “standard” drink is

  • A pub measure of spirits
  • A small glass of wine
  • A half-pint of beer
  • A bottle of alcopop

If you drink at home, an interesting example would be that one bottle of wine equals approximately seven to eight “standard” drinks. This, of course depends on the percentage of alcohol. It is quite clear that many people in Ireland regularly exceed that amount.

Consequences Of Binge Drinking

Here are the sobering truths about what could happen to you if you regularly binge-drink

  • You could die in an alcohol-fuelled accident – I’m sure you’ve heard before of people falling into rivers, wandering out in front of speeding cars, causing fatal fires or even dying by alcohol poisoning
  • Having sex while drunk can lead to unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. You could catch a sexually transmitted disease, or engaging in a type of sexual activity that would normally be unacceptable to you.
  • Becoming the victim of date rape. You might find your inhibitions reduced so much by alcohol that you force yourself on someone who is not consenting.
  • Damage to your long-term health. Obesity and high blood pressure are what await you in the future amongst other nasty and unwanted health side effects.
  • Losing your job, failing your exams, damaging close relationships. These are some of the less life-threatening but still quite serious side effects of binge drinking.

Effective Solution With Hypnotherapy

So, do you really want to sort out the problem? This is a really important question. Until you finally want to change yourself, no amount of nagging or cautions from friends will make the commitment for you. Any therapy you do is much less effective until you finally face up to your problem and become determined to overcome it. When you have reached that point and you need help, hypnotherapy can effectively help you. I can help you to overcome the emotional issues that lie at the heart of your binge-drinking

I offer a free initial consultation. This is just simply a confidential chat where we discuss the history of your binge-drinking. We’ll talk about the emotional issues behind it, what you experience, etc. During this free initial consultation, I’ll explain all about how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your problem and I’ll answer any questions you may have.


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