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Bad Habits Ireland

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Hi, my name is Paul Hunter. If you’ve been googling “bad habits” in an effort to find a solution for your bad habit, then you’ve come to the right page.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. For the past fifteen years I have been helping the people of Cork and indeed, from all over Ireland, to overcome their bad habits.

The top 5 most common bad habits I have helped people with are:

  1. Knuckle Cracking
  2. Nail Biting
  3. Nose Picking
  4. Skin Picking
  5. Hair Pulling (or Trichotillomania)

We have all probably done one (or more of these) at least once during our lives. When it becomes a problem, it develops an unconscious, obsessive nature. In other words, you have done it without even knowing you are doing it. At an unconscious level, your mind is getting relief from doing the problem.

How would it be if you could substitute a healthier habit for the old problem habit? Let me explain exactly how I can help you to do just that.

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Signs Of Bad Habits

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What Happens If You Don't Stop?

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Here are some of the long term consequences of continuing with bad habits:

  • if your problem is hair pulling, you may end up with noticeable bald patches
  • keep knuckle cracking and eventually your grip will get noticeably weaker
  • as a nail biter, you’ll get infections in your fingers along with more virsu-related illnesses from putting your germ-covered fingers in your mouth
  • if you pick your nose, you are introducing germs into your nasal cavity leading to more infections
  • skin picking often enough can lead to permanent scarring of your skin
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Most Common Bad Habits

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Knuckle Cracking
Nail Biting
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Nose Picking
skin picking cork ireland
Skin Picking
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I pulled my hair constantly without even knowing it at times. When I started noticing bald patches, I panicked but I couldn't stop. I now have a full head of hair thanks to you.
Siobhán Lucey (name changed)
Skibereen, Co. Cork.
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Treatment With Hypnosis & CBT In Cork

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Here’s what you can expect when you come to see me:

  • we’ll arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION where you’ll explain to me exactly how you do your bad habit
  • you’ll have a personalised self hypnosis recording made for you which you will listen to for the following 30 days (at least)
  • in subsequent sessions we’ll do what’s called “habit reversal training” which is a CBT-based technique to identify triggers and substitute another action instead of the problem one. 
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