Learn Hypnosis Kindle Ebook

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how to hypnotize anyone

Learn How To Hypnotize Someone

  • Do you want to learn hypnosis?
  • Are you interested in how people go into trance states?
  • Would you like to know why this state is so powerful in helping people to overcome major life issues?

Hypnosis is a wonderful, powerful tool for good in the human experience. Buying this Amazon title in either ebook, paperback or hardback can help you to learn how to induce a state of hypnosis in another human being.

This book is aimed at the complete beginner or those who have read a little about hypnosis and are eager now to learn hypnosis safely and professionally.

How To Hypnotize Your Friends

  • Wouldn’t it be so cool to know how to hypnotize your friends?
  • Imagine being confident that you’re doing it safely?
  • Learn from an expert with over fifteen years clinical experience

How To Hypnotize Someone To Fall Asleep

So many people have sleep problems these days. Stressful lives, too many things going on in your mind, so much stuff to worry about – it’s no wonder so many people can’t sleep. By learning how to hypnotize someone, you could actually teach them how to sleep better.

“Hypnos” is the Greek word for sleep. While hypnosis is not sleep, it is a stage on the way to sleep. So, by teaching someone how to go into hypnosis, you may be giving them the gift of better sleep.

Written By An Expert

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Paul Hunter is a professional clinical hypnotherapist. He has many years experience of dealing with client issues such as depression, anxiety, smoking, weight loss, fears, phobias, etc.

Through the state of hypnosis he achieves quick and life-changing results. Paul started his interest in psychology as a late teen. He studied psychology in his local university before entering the working world in the field of sales.

After a long and very successful career in sales, at age 40, he decided that he had enough of working at a job that he was never really passionate about. After a couple of years of soul searching and talking to people in various colleges and professions, he decided to become a hypnotherapist.


From the very start, he took to his hypnotherapy studies like a natural. He continues to this day being fascinated in helping people who are emotionally stuck.

How To Hypnotize Someone Step By Step

learn hypnosis book cover

When you buy Learn Hypnosis from the Amazon Kindle web store, you’ll experience a book that’ll teach you about the origins of hypnosis. You’ll also learn how to induce trance, how to deepen trance, and how to terminate trance. You’ll also find numerous safety tips throughout.

Also you’ll read some fun and informative stories from Paul’s own experience as a leading practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. Some books that aim to teach you about hypnosis never tell you the realities of what could happen. Paul even includes a section on what to do when things go wrong as they sometimes do. With each chapter, as you practice the tips and techniques, you’ll become more proficient and more confident in your newfound skill.

Self Love Journal For Men

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self love for men journal

What Is A Self Love Journal?

Self-love is super important for guys because it sets the stage for their overall well-being and personal growth. You know, society can sometimes put these crazy expectations on men, like hiding emotions or always striving for success.

But practicing self-love allows us guys to accept and appreciate ourselves just as we are. It helps us build a healthy relationship with our thoughts, feelings, and bodies, making us more resilient and emotionally aware.

When we show ourselves love, we can take better care of ourselves, set boundaries, and really reflect on who we are. It boosts our mental health, confidence, and helps us form awesome relationships with others. So let’s break free from stereotypes, embrace self-love, and live our best, happiest lives.

This self love journal for men contains 12 weekly self love practises that will help you to do self love automatically from now on. 

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What Do You Write In A Self Love Journal?

This simple but beautiful journal contains daily practise sheets and also a weekly review sheet as you’ll see here.

This page prompts you to reflect on your week and answer honestly if you succeeded at:

  • Practising your weekly task
  • Getting better at is over the course of the week
  • Finding three things to be grateful about during that week.

Focussing on gratitude was something that was originally popularised by the psychologist Martin Seligman. When you practise gratitude, you’ll find you become happier every day

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Sneak Peek Inside The Journal

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the internal pages from the journal. 

hypnosis cork

Meet The Expert Author

Paul J Hunter author

Paul J Hunter is an expert Clinical Hypnotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Life Coach. He’s been helping men to overcome their problems for the past fifteen years.

One of the common traits of men who suffer with problems like low self esteem or depression is that they simply do not love themselves. This book evolved from a desire to help men get into a daily practise of self love.

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90 Days Challenge

If you’re serious about feeling better, and you’ve already identified that a lack of self love is your problem, then accept this challenge. Here’s the challenge:


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shyness cork

Shyness – A very large proportion of the Irish population suffers from shyness to varying different degrees. Many people who come to my clinic for help to successfully overcome shyness are people who you’d never guess have this problem. My clients include students, stay-at-home Mom’s, general operatives, managers, business owners, sports personalities and even media personalities. What I’m saying is that shyness is common to all strands of society. Shyness is all about fear of being judged by other people or being perceived as strange, odd, not good enough, etc, etc.



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asthma cork

Asthma – Do you suffer from asthma attacks? Some attacks can be particularly scary and leave you with an underlying fear. This can be fear of not being able to breathe, fear of not having your inhaler, fear that you may die, etc. All of these fears can stay with you and actually cause your asthma attacks to become more serious than they need to be.

Now there is a solution! Hypnotherapy can help you reduce the severity of your asthma attacks. It helps by triggering calm feelings at the onset of an attack, by eliminating the fear associated with your breathing difficulty and removing your expectation of an attack.


Exam Nerves

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exam nerves cork

Exam Nerves – Overcome your exam nerves and enhance your recall so that you can perform to the very best of your ability in exam situations.

Many people have problems with exam stress or exam nerves. This can stem from a general lack of confidence and belief in yourself. It can also happen as a result of an overly critical parent or teacher, or perhaps as a result of a comment someone once made about you which drew your attention to your performance. When you link your performance in an exam to your sense of worth as a person, it’s quite easy to suffer from perfectionism or a fear of failure.

The great news is that hypnosis can help you to overcome exam nerves and stress easily and in a very short space of time.


Goal Setting

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Goal Setting – Are you a person who sets goals  every New Year and then fails to stick to them? Do you find yourself saying (at a later stage) – “I wish I had done that”. Every time you fail to achieve a goal, you teach yourself another little lesson about you can’t do it, or you have no willpower. And maybe, because of your bad experiences with setting goals in the past, you may shy away from setting goals – after all, who wants to experience the same old failure feelings again?

What if you could enjoy setting a goal, break it down into achievable parts and feel good about achieving each part? What if you could learn that setting goals for yourself and your life is an enjoyable and exciting experience? Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of the limiting beliefs and emotions that hold you back and replace those old emotions with feelings of fun, enjoyment and achievement.


Fear Of Failure

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Fear Of Failure – this is an incredibly common fear which can limit your life and your potential to achieve. In some cultures, it is common to celebrate success, however in Ireland, as all of us who live here are well aware, there can be an undercurrent of begrudgery, a reluctance to celebrate success and a tendency towards unnecessary modesty and never thinking that our efforts are good enough.

fear of failure cork

Perhaps this is a generational thing which goes back to times when Ireland was under British rule, or perhaps it comes from the role of the Catholic Church in bygone times. It can also be due to an overcritical parent or embarrassing school experiences. If you suffer from a fear of failure that’s limiting your life, the great news is that you can overcome the problem successfully with hypnotherapy.



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Hypertension – Do you suffer from hypertension? Has your doctor mentioned that he / she is concerned about your high blood pressure? Have you been recommended to make lifestyle changes? Do you have difficulty making those changes successfully? There is a well-documented link between hypertension and stress. This can be either stress that exists today in your life or due to some unresolved stress from some incident or event from earlier in your life.

Hypnotherapy can successfully help you to make those necessary changes. I can help you by increasing your motivation to change. Also I can help you resolve those stress issues in your life. Finally, I can teach you how to become truly relaxed in your life.


Sex Addiction

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Sex Addiction – Are you concerned about your sexual behaviour? Are you worried that you might be a sex addict? Sexual addiction is common to both males and females. It doesn’t even matter what sexual orientation you are. Sex addicts can be heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual or transgendered. The most noticeable behaviour trait of a sex addict is an insatiable desire for sex. It just doesn’t matter how much sex they have, or how good it is – they will always want more.

Sex addicts can stray into compulsive or risky sexual behaviours. They can get involved in extramarital affairs, try out swinging or dogging, risk relationships and put their health at risk, and in some cases, spend a lot of money to get their “fix”. If this in any way reminds you of you, then you could be addicted to sex.



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Procrastination – Do you have a tendency to put thing off or put thing “on the long finger”? Are you known for procrastinating, being indecisive or never being spontaneous? Do you find you don’t pay bills on time? Don’t do your tax returns on time? Do you leave buying presents till the day before (or the day of) the birthday or anniversary? Are you now finally coming to the realisation that procrastination is limiting your life or getting in the way of your success?

If you are finding that procrastination is a bit of a problem for you, then hypnotherapy can successfully help you. You’ll learn to do it now, be more decisive and take action immediately.